Sebastiaan van Bavel


Sebastiaan van Bavel is a pianist and composer combining the jazz tradition with elements from Indian and Western classical music. Although you will find his compositions to resemble a classical symphony more than a jazz standard, improvisation and swing always prevail in his music. Sebastiaan is in love with the piano trio format but is also praised when performing solo or as part of the piano duo with renowned jazz pianist Rob van Bavel (who just happens to be his dad). Sebastiaan likes to experiment with sound and timbre by occasionally expanding his trio with vocals, strings and horns. No matter the line-up, you will always hear Sebastiaans signature in his compositions and his imposing piano play. For his debut album As The Journey Begins, Sebastiaan is instantly awarded an Edison (Dutch Grammy) for Best Dutch Jazz Album of 2014. In 2016 he releases his trio’s second album Cosmic Dance as well as the debut of the piano duo with Rob van Bavel: The Edison Duo.

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