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Festival Informatie

Information for Artists

Festival Information

Information for the artists

For almost 44 years, the beating Jazz-heart of the Netherlands lies in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. There is no other jazz festival with such free high-quality programming. An average of 135.000 visitors from in- and outside the city travel to ‘s-Hertogenbosch for its unique hospitality and music.

Jazz in Duketown is entirely organised by volunteers. So no one gets paid for the work they do for the festival. Because of this unique organisational structure, we highly appreciate our volunteers. Partly because of them, all performances can be visited for free.

This year again, we have succeeded in creating a line-up which we can be proud of, with for example:

  • Al Di Meola (US)
  • Joshua Redman Trio (US)
  • Room Eleven (NL)
  • Trijntje Oosterhuis (NL)
  • Cubanismo (CU)
  • Ben Williams & Sound Effect (US)
  • Sons of Kemet (UK)
  • Etienne Mbappé and The Prophets (FR)
  • China Moses (US)
  • Pink Oculus (NL)
  • Renegade Brass Band (UK)
  • Lucy Woodward (US)
  • Black Flower (BE)
  • Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions (NL)

You can find the complete overview of the performances in the timetable.

Jazz in Duketown is situated in the lovely centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. You can find all the podia and other important spots on the map.

I would like to give you some information on beforehand.

There is a central parking specially for artists and employees at the eastside of the city (de Gruyterfabriek, Veemarktkade 8, ‘s-Hertogenbosch). From there, you will be transported to the location where you will play. Further instructions concerning the time and location will be sent to you per e-mail.

Artist guidance
At your arrival, you will be appointed an artist guide who will go through the final affairs with you and who will be there for you with everything you need.

Contract and payment
Prior to the performance, we shall ask you to send us all the necessary documents for payment. Think of contracts, invoices and all the requirements and agreements that are needed for the administration. When the invoices and documents such as identifications are delivered, you will receive the payment on your bank account as soon as possible after the festival.

ATTENTION! We don’t pay in cash.

We do not take care of backlines, unless agreed otherwise. We will cater to the bands who do request this via the technical rider the best we can. If there are any deviations, there will always be a reason for this and we will make sure to find a similar replacing solution. Cost control is one of the reasons why we sometimes cannot meet specific wishes.

As mentioned before, we are a free festival, so we do not sell concert tickets. We really are a festival from the people for the people! Our main goal is to get the audience acquainted with every aspect of jazz in an approachable manner and to let them enjoy the festival. We will do everything in our power to welcome you hospitably. If we cannot fulfil all your wishes, we ask for your understanding.

Because the concerts will take place in the open air, we are obliged to take into account the noise restrictions of the government.

Violation of these norms means risking fines for us and endangers the cooperation between us and other parties, citizens of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and the municipalities. Therefore we handle this issue carefully.


Download de plattegrond zodat u moeiteloos de weg vindt naar alle podia en andere belangrijke locaties.

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Doe de Jazz muziektest

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